The Nea Sky bracelet is made with beautiful 6mm Celestite beads. It's available in different sizes and is made with an elastic wire so it's very easy to wear.

All Didyma jewelry is made from 316L stainless steel in combination with beautiful natural stone. We choose this material because it is very durable, light weight and hypo-allergenic. The colour will not fade over time if you treat it with care!

Celestite, also known as celestine, is a mineral that forms stunning, transparent blue crystals. People who believe in the power of stones say it can do a couple of things:

1. Connect with angels: people believe that celestite can help you feel closer to angels or higher powers. It's like a bridge to the spiritual world.

2. Makes you feel calm: celestite stone has a gentle and calming effect. If you're feeling stressed or worried, some say this stone can help you relax and find peace.

3. Improves talking and listening: this stone is thought to help you talk and listen better. It might make it easier to say what you feel and understand others.

In short, celestite is a pretty blue stone that many people think has special powers to connect with angels, calm your mind, and help you communicate better.

"Nea" is a Greek word that means "new." It implies something that is fresh, recent, or just beginning. In Greek culture, "Nea" can be associated with the idea of innovation, progress, and modernity.

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